NASPON Launches Tools at Climate Week 2020

NASPON Launches Tools at Climate Week 2020

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On Tuesday, September 22nd at 11:00am Eastern time, NASPON will be hosting a virtual event as part of Climate Week NYC 2020.

NASPON members have been working collaboratively to create a series of tools based on input from NASPON meetings, as well as from companies within NASPON members’ supply chains, NGOs, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Secretariat, and other stakeholders. NASPON members and their stakeholders have a lot of experience working on sustainable palm oil sourcing, and these tools aim to harness the learnings in a way that benefits other companies working to overcome similar challenges.

The tools can be found on this website in under their associated working group pages as well as on the resources page. The tools include a standardized survey to assist companies in mapping the palm oil in their supply chain, a comprehensive list of over 600 ingredients that commonly contain palm oil or palm kernel oil to aid in identifying where palm oil is in your supply chain, and resources to better understand the role a supply chain can has in North America.

Join NASPON members and the RSPO Secretariat as we share these tools publicly for the first time, answer questions about the tools, and discuss the broader efforts of NASPON as we work to achieve 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil for North America. Click here to register.